Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dying Hair Pastel Colors

I am really into pastel purple hair, so I decided why not go for it. This tutorial will work for semi-permanent hair dyes like Jerome Russell's, manic panic and la riche directions. Remember be creative, this will work with any vibrant hair dye!

Materials Needed:
*Semi- Permanent Hair Dye (vibrant colors work best)
*Conditioner (try to find one without silicons)
*Mixing Bowl
*Hair Clips
*Shower Cap

*40 volume developer (if you have a sensitive scalp use 30 vol.)
*Unred- this product helps remove the orange tones during the bleaching process
*Hair Dryer

Optional: Bleaching
If bleaching is needed, I recommend the help of a professional if you don't know what you are doing. Bleach can destroy your hair if used without the proper knowledge. If you do decide to bleach your hair on your own these are the steps to take. I used Ion Powder Lightener.
*Note:  If your hair is light blond bleaching isn't crucial.

1. When mixing, I followed the instructions on the package. For Ion's bleach I used a 2:1 ratio of developer to bleach. (I put eight scoops of developer to four scoops of bleach for my long hair.) I then added about 12 drops of the unred additive.

2. Section the hair (I find vertical sections to be the easiest) and begin brushing on the bleach mixture. Make sure the hair is completely saturated. Bleach is a foam and needs moisture to work.

3. Place a shower cap on your head and let the hair sit for no longer than an hour. (using a hair dryer will help with the bleaching process.)

4. Rinse and let hair dry.

Step One: Mixing
Begin mixing the conditioner and semi-permanent hair dye. If the dye to very vibrant you wont need more than a few drops to achieve a pastel color. The mixture should resemble the hair color you're looking for if not a few shade darker.

Step Two: Section the Hair
The way you section the hair is your preference obviously, but with very long hair I found that vertical sections helped me keep track of what I've gone over and haven't.

Step Three: Dying the Hair
I absolutely saturated every piece of hair in dye, this will make sure that the color is even. The process may take a little while, but I must say that dying my hair pastel purple was the healthiest thing I could do to it. The amount of conditioner used made up for having to bleach my hair.

Step Four: Relax
Place a shower cap on your head and just let the dye sit for as long as possible. Leaving the dye in long won't harm the hair, on the contrary it will most likely improve it. Some days I leave the dye in up to twelve hours when I have nothing to do.

Step Five: Rinse
Rinse the hair thoroughly. This may take a while, with my two foot long hair it took about two minutes to completely rinse out the conditioner. After all the dye is out let the hair dry and see the result!

After Care:
*To keep hair from fading to white, use a purple conditioner every time you watch your hair.
*Once a week a like to add a drop of hair dye to my conditioner to boost the color a little.

Things I Recommend: