Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dying Hair Pastel Colors

I am really into pastel purple hair, so I decided why not go for it. This tutorial will work for semi-permanent hair dyes like Jerome Russell's, manic panic and la riche directions. Remember be creative, this will work with any vibrant hair dye!

Materials Needed:
*Semi- Permanent Hair Dye (vibrant colors work best)
*Conditioner (try to find one without silicons)
*Mixing Bowl
*Hair Clips
*Shower Cap

*40 volume developer (if you have a sensitive scalp use 30 vol.)
*Unred- this product helps remove the orange tones during the bleaching process
*Hair Dryer

Optional: Bleaching
If bleaching is needed, I recommend the help of a professional if you don't know what you are doing. Bleach can destroy your hair if used without the proper knowledge. If you do decide to bleach your hair on your own these are the steps to take. I used Ion Powder Lightener.
*Note:  If your hair is light blond bleaching isn't crucial.

1. When mixing, I followed the instructions on the package. For Ion's bleach I used a 2:1 ratio of developer to bleach. (I put eight scoops of developer to four scoops of bleach for my long hair.) I then added about 12 drops of the unred additive.

2. Section the hair (I find vertical sections to be the easiest) and begin brushing on the bleach mixture. Make sure the hair is completely saturated. Bleach is a foam and needs moisture to work.

3. Place a shower cap on your head and let the hair sit for no longer than an hour. (using a hair dryer will help with the bleaching process.)

4. Rinse and let hair dry.

Step One: Mixing
Begin mixing the conditioner and semi-permanent hair dye. If the dye to very vibrant you wont need more than a few drops to achieve a pastel color. The mixture should resemble the hair color you're looking for if not a few shade darker.

Step Two: Section the Hair
The way you section the hair is your preference obviously, but with very long hair I found that vertical sections helped me keep track of what I've gone over and haven't.

Step Three: Dying the Hair
I absolutely saturated every piece of hair in dye, this will make sure that the color is even. The process may take a little while, but I must say that dying my hair pastel purple was the healthiest thing I could do to it. The amount of conditioner used made up for having to bleach my hair.

Step Four: Relax
Place a shower cap on your head and just let the dye sit for as long as possible. Leaving the dye in long won't harm the hair, on the contrary it will most likely improve it. Some days I leave the dye in up to twelve hours when I have nothing to do.

Step Five: Rinse
Rinse the hair thoroughly. This may take a while, with my two foot long hair it took about two minutes to completely rinse out the conditioner. After all the dye is out let the hair dry and see the result!

After Care:
*To keep hair from fading to white, use a purple conditioner every time you watch your hair.
*Once a week a like to add a drop of hair dye to my conditioner to boost the color a little.

Things I Recommend:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Natural Make Up Tips

Here are a few tips I've picked up through the years of trying to perfect the natural look.

Number One: Don't Overdo It
 Go only slightly darker than your natural coloring with your makeup. (ie eyeliner and mascara) I use a brown mascara and eyeliner in my everyday look, as to not look overdone. Keep in mind that I have blonde hair naturally and my coloring is quite light, go with what you have.

Number Two: Blend
 A person does not have natural sharply lined eyes (unless you're a cartoon character) so I always blend out everything including my eyeliner.

Number Three: Be Consistent
 To achieve a natural look that will have everyone guessing if you're even wearing make up is to use the same  products in all areas of the face. I will use my bronzer as my eyeshadow and contour to make sure my coloring is the same all around. This will also add a glow without giving too much away.

Number Four: Sponges Work Wonders
 After I am done my face make up I spray my face with a fixing spray and press my makeup into my skin to eliminate that chalky look and bring a natural glow to the face. MAC fix+ has been my go to for years.

Number Five: Beat The Heat
 Use some kind of finishing spray to keep your makeup in place all day. I use model in a bottle every time I know I'm going to have a long day. I've worked through 12 hour shifts and ran through the rain and my makeup didn't move an inch!

Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Get No Frizz Silky Hair Naturally.

So I have very wavy hair, that when I let it dry normally it frizzes up a lot, but after a lot of different routines I found something that worked.

Materials you'll need:
pillow case or towel
spray bottle
wide tooth comb

So I tend to shower every other day because it's healthier and less time consuming than washing it everyday. I shower at night about an hour before bed so when I go to sleep my hair is damp. 

Step 1:
While your in the shower do what you normally do, but before washing out the conditioner flip your head upside down and brush out your hair until it is smooth without any knots. 

Step 2:
Rinse your hair out (don't flip back over).  I do this to make sure I have as little knots as possible because in order to keep your natural hair texture intact I don't brush it after I get out of the shower.

Step 3:
Wrap your hair in a towel to dry for a half hour. 

Optional Step:
My hair is very long so to give my hair a little lift I blow dry the roots after spraying in some heat protector.

Step 4
When your hair is about 70 percent dry you should go to bed. lay your hair flat on your pillow going upwards and place a pillow case or towel over it. By the time you wake up in the morning your hair will be dry and without frizz.

So this process is a little time consuming, but i don't like to use heat on my hair so it works for me. this can also be used for those days when your hair needs a break.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: Lorac multiplex 3D eyeshadow palette

I bought this palette in January and I go to it whenever I'm in the mood for exaggerated shimmer or a metallic finish. Every eye shadow is soft and extremely pigmented. The staying power is also pretty good. It does wear off slightly, but that's after about 5-6 hours of wear. The palette itself is packaged and designed really cute. The big mirror is just a bonus.

Eye Shadows: 
Top row (left to right)

  •  This first eye shadow is white gold highlight color. 
  • The second color in this row is a metallic yellow gold, just gold. Like "BAM" gold. I have never found an eye shadow so amazing.
  • And the last color in this row is a reddish brown with a green duo chrome to it. A dupe for this would be club eye shadow by MAC.
Bottom row (left to right)

  • This is a silver. Just like the gold it comes off with a almost metal like shine.
  • This next color is a sapphire metallic blue. It is a deep shimmery blue.
  • And finally the color is a black with silver glitter. Unlike most black shimmery eye shadows the shimmer actually shows up on the eye.
The overall palette it amazing, all the colors are extremely pigmented and soft. It is definitely worth the money. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

How To: Change your part

So I recently, for the first time in my life, changed my part. It usually parts on the left side of my head and now its on the right. The reason was because I have a giant cowlick or section of hair that grows in the opposite direction of the rest on the back left of my head. I finally got sick of trying to deal with it and so the ordeal of changing my part began. So this is how I did it.

Materials needed:
Hair dryer
snap pins or bobby pins
hair spray or mousse
heat protector

Step One: If you have bangs make sure to accommodate them with the new part. I cut mine myself, but if you need a professional then go for that. Make sure to tell them exactly where you want your new hair parted and tell them to cut your hair accordingly. This step is optional, but sometimes when changing the part it also changes your style (layers, uneven on sides or crown) so keep that in mind.

Step Two: When hair is wet comb it to your new part. Spray with heat protector and add mousse (you can skip the mousse if you only have hairspray). Then blow dry hair so when dry it stays in the position of the new part. Blow dry any opposing hair to the opposite side.

Step Three: If you are leaving your hair down (recommended) spray hair with hair spray, especially where the hairs position is being changed.

Step Four: If you are going to sleep after you have done the previous steps pin the opposing hair down to make it stay in the position you want while you're sleeping.

Basic Concept: If the hair disagrees, spray it down and pin it until it agrees.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Natural eye make up for down turned eyes

So I am going to be writing about down turned eyes and how I balance my own out to where I like them to be. So I love my eye shape and never had problems with makeup because of them, but sometimes I feel like I look tired. This is a way to help lift your eyes while still looking natural.

Products you'll need:
Mascara (brown or black)
Angled eyeliner brush or flat eyeliner brush
Brown eyeliner (Black if you want a more dramatic look)
Brown eye shadow

Step One: First you'll need to line the upper inner rim of your eye (tight line). I used brown gel eyeliner but if your eyes are too sensitive you can use a pencil eyeliner. (I used maybelline eyestudio brown gel eyeliner)

Step Two: Then you'll want to line the outer half of your lid with the brown eye shadow. If you want to make it more defined you can apply a gel eyeliner in place of the eye shadow. (I used the brown eye shadow from the Smashbox Classified palette with the brush that came with it. You can also use the MAC 212 brush.)

Step Three: Apply two coats of mascara. To make your eyes even more lifted apply a third coat to only the outer half of the eye lashes.  (I used Sephora black mascara with Covergirl Lashblast in brown black)

Quick Tips:
  • If wearing eye shadow, make sure to apply it in an almost egg shape, smallest amount in the inner corner while gradually getting thicker as you go to the outer corner to almost create a smoked out winged look.

  • Winged eye liner will also lift your eyes, but in a little more noticeable way 
  • Basically the majority of the makeup will be in the outer corner in order to create a rounded or balanced eye shape.
Products I Recommend:

Forever 21's Love & Beauty Eyeshadow Palette: $3.80
This is a cheap and comparable alternative to the smashbox palette I used for the look.

E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner in Coffee: $3.00
This is a cheap alternative I've used. It does tend to dry out rather quickly, but it's definitely worth the price and more. 

Final look:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gel Moisturizers: Intro

So I'm thinking about doing a series of reviews on different gel moisturizers. they would be about a month to two months apart just to give time to analyse. So basically my skin, as of now, reacts horribly to anything that is heavier than a gel, but my skin can still get extremely tight and dry. Moisturizer is a must for me, it's just trying to find one that doesn't break me out completely thats the problem. Right now I'm using MAC charged water mineral gel moisturizer, but it's a bit pricey for my budget. I'll do a list of some of the moisturizers I'm planning on reviewing soon. Sorry if this blog makes no sense whatsoever, it's 5:30 in the morning and I'm sick, but I've been sitting here researching moisturizers for the past half hour. Just thought I'd write about this and let people know, even though I'm pretty sure no one really reads these. But if you are reading this and you have the same problem. Let me know about moisturizers you've been looking at and tell me. I might do a review of them. =]
Thanks and hope everyone is doing well!